Design @ Point0

Site maintained by
Archie Baer.


We like nice, formal fonts,
like Roboto.


Our logos generally have
the theme of "Mountain(s)".

In the case of more than one,
they should intercept eachother.

Another logo theme is grids/crosshairs,
representing the idea of
the co-ordinates (0, 0).

We often use logo generators.
Anything that's actually free is good.

Namecheap's is preferable,
but Hatchful is also cool.

Brand Consistency

We like all of our brands
to echo the core branding of Point0.

While the core branding is
generally simple and line-based,
we're okay with our other
brands to have gradients and
solid logos.


Borders that seperate layers should be thick.

Borders that outline links/titles should be thin.

Profile Pictures should be circular.

In some cases, elements can be
diagonally rounded.

Rounded rectangles are also nice.


We are a British company.

We use British English.

Colour, Minimum, etc.




rgb(0, 0, 0)

Solid Blue


rgb(66, 135, 245)

Leaf Green


rgb(63, 191, 98)

Shallow Ocean


rgb(0, 196, 238)

Deep Ocean


rgb(0, 19, 110)


Drop shadows are nice.

Buttons should get brighter when clicked.

Animations should be non-linear, and functions
like "ease-in" and "ease-out", instead of "ease"
create nice effects.


If you have any queries about our branding, please contact us.